Monday, 12 June 2017

Sew What Do I Wear - Sunshine Vacation

Well there's nothing like leaving things until the last minute and getting this post up when i am literally ON vacation. I always have all these great plans to get my projects sewn up early and my posts done with time to spare but as you all know I tend to procrastinate and think I have more time than I really do. Hence, finishing sewing and writing this the day before leaving on vacation. I still need to finish laundry and pack!

So sit back, read on, and enjoy a mimosa, fruity summer beer, mojito, sangria, or your own drink of choice!

The weather in Alberta has been pretty all over the place so far this summer. We've had unseasonably hot weather and also unseasonably cold weather. Hubby and I were supposed to be climbing a mountain this weekend but it had to be postponed (at our guide's recommendation) due to crazy cold temperatures at the higher elevations.

And here is my Crossover Sunshine dress! I love all the dresses available in the Patterns for Pirates collection but I decided that I really wanted a dress with pockets and love the look of this cross over front with the gathered sides. There are 3 different bodice options, 3 different skirt lengths, and 2 different skirt looks meaning endless (okay 18) different options.

For this blog tour I decided I wanted to use my gorgeous boats border print that I found at my gem local sewing shop Marshall Fabrics. I have gotten so many great finds there! The panel/print was exactly 0.8m which is just under a yard. I knew it would make a great longer skirt portion of a dress. There wasn't quite enough fabric to make a maxi length dress so i'm coining this an "ankle length" dress. 

I am pumped to wear this dress all summer long. I used a birch organic cotton lycra for the upper portion and pockets. I like the structure and compression that this fabric brings. For the bottom, the border print is a nice rayon lycra with 4 way stretch. In the future I would love to make another Sunshine dress in a buttery soft bamboo lycra knit similar to the fabric used here in my romper.

When we head to LA in October I can guarantee this dress will be at the top of my pack list. I feel like it is dressy enough to wear out to a nice dinner, but casual enough to wear on the beach. Oh and check out those pockets!!! I can also wear my new dress to work with a cardigan and have somewhere to put my work ID/Pager/Coffee Money. Score!

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Cheers! Michelle

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Petite Stitchery - Perfect for all seasons!

So - first my disclaimer. I was provided all three patterns shown in this blog post for free by Petite Stitchery and Co but all thoughts are my own. I also initially planned to have this post ready for the end of April (oops!) but life got in the way and now it is the end of May and 29 degrees celcius on photo day. I think summer has finally arrived in Alberta! Although it was a little hot for long pants and long sleeves today, I am excited that they are big enough that they should fit through fall and winter as well. My daughter still fits in all her size 3 clothing but they are all starting to get a little short in the legs and sleeves so i've started to make her size 4's so they fit a little longer.

When I saw the Rosemary Cowl Crop pattern, I was instantly drawn to it. I love making double duty clothing so something that is reversible is a huge bonus in my books. Plus, look at the absolute cuteness factor! We also need long sleeves for 80% of the year so sweater and sweatshirt patters work great for us. I am super happy with how this pattern went together. I've never made a reversible sweatshirt like this but i found the construction to be fairly straightforward and the instructions were clear and easy to read. I will be making more of these in the future! This gorgeous cotton lycra knit is currently open for preorder with Black Rabbit Fabrics.

The next pattern I chose was the Willow Dress and Tunic. I tend to shy away from woven patterns because I have had a few that didn't turn out so great and I'm more familiar with knits. I was assured that I could totally make this one and guess what, I rocked it! Well, at least I think I rocked it, you can be the judge. I love this top so much that I really want one for myself! I ended up upcycling an old dress shirt for the main parts of this tunic and then used pre-made bias tape as well as new material for the back lace accent. Let's hope this classic white top stays white by the end of the summer. I can already picture the grass and ice cream stains all over it!

The third pattern I made was the Fawn Leggings. I have made quite a few different leggings patterns before so I always like when there's a little something different with the pattern. For these leggings I used a brown jeggings style knit and for the tuxedo stripe I used cotton lycra. I love the little pop of colour with the tuxedo stripe. My daughter has requested another pair in purple, pink, and green. I believe those are the favorite colours du jour.

If you like my project, please check out Petite Stitchery and Co. and if you like my fabric check out the preorder at Black Rabbit Fabric which is open until June 9th.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Beachy Bombshell - Knock it off tour

When I signed up for this blog tour, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to create. Shortly after that, we booked our trip to LA in October for hubby's birthday. This means I need some new HOT beachwear in just a few short months. I like to joke that i'm "built for comfort" but that's mostly because i like to throw on my clothes and head out the door. Who needs to do their hair? Who needs makeup? Not this mama. Well, you'll be happy to see that I actually put on makeup and put some beach bum hair goo in my hair for this photo-op. 

Pictured left below, you'll see my initial inspiration photo that I found on pinterest. I think I actually nailed the look pretty closely. I love the idea of a romper but i've never actually worn one before this. I thought it would be a fun and easy beach coverup but still easily transition to a coffeeshop or casual lunch. After trying it on, i've realized this romper will quickly become a weekend staple during my Canadian summer too. It will be a perfect farmer's market, park, coffee shop, festival, or just about anything else romper. Bring on Summer! (As I write this on April 22, it is quite literally snowing outside.)

For this knock it off look, I used a bamboo/lycra tie die knit that I found locally at Marshall Fabrics in Edmonton. I actually used the fabric reverse of the grain because I like the stripes best this way but since it is almost equal 4 way stretch, it would have worked out either way. For the pattern, I picked up the Riviera Romper from Winterwear Designs for $4USD during a one day sale recently. I like the Riviera Romper design better than the RTW version but I did want it strappier so I did make a few slight changes. All in all I can't be happier with my new Romper and am glad to be apart of the other super hero mom's in this blog tour. Lastly, I had hoped to make a halter style bikini top to wear with my new romper but #momlife. So look forward to that in a future post hopefully in May.

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Cheers! Michelle

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Abby's Road Trip Tunic Bunny Fun

 I recently tested Abby's Road Trip Tunic which released last week from The Wolf and the Tree. This new pattern has options for a top, tunic, or dress (which is pictured here). I love this pattern for the construction and clean lines including the incredibly clean neckline. My daughter loves this pattern for the twirl and girliness factor. When I showed her this dress for the first time she said "oh mom......... pause........ I love it!" Yay,, Mommy sewing win!

This Dress pairs really nicely with Abby's Tights , Abby's Trailblazing socks, or Abby's knockout socks patterns. The leggings I've paired it with in these photos are actually a tester pair of abby's tights from last year that I cut the toes off of once she wore through them. (yup that's right, in our house our Abby's Tights get so much wear that we actually wear through them!)

One of the other things I absolutely love about this dress is that even though it is a fairly simple top that can be made by an ambitious beginner, it looks and feels dressier. My next top I plan to add some lace or tule like some of the other testers did to the accent/skirt piece in order to dress it up even more. Lastly, check out this amazing fabric! Both the woodland creatures and the abstract geometrical pattern will be open for pre-order mid-April from Black Rabbit Fabrics. I picked both these fabrics for different items initially but when I saw them side by side I just knew they needed to be paired up. I am so glad that I did because the colours of the animals match the triangles perfectly!

My daughter loves this dress so much and with the bunnies included in the woodland creatures print, it makes the perfect easter dress! Ultra comfortable to play in but pretty enough to go to Easter Dinner at Grandma's. I call that a win!

Oh and my favourite part is the sale going on right now through The Wolf and the Tree.. every pattern is on sale for $5 until easter. I would run and grab more patterns if I didn't already have them all!

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And Check out this Giveaway hosted by The Wolf and the Tree for your chance to win your very own copy of Abby's Road Trip Tunic: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 10 March 2017

E + M = Petitboo

E+M=Petitboo This may seem like unconventional math but it is true! E+ M patterns has been rebranded/merged with Petitboo Patterns! When I saw the amazing group of bloggers signed up for this tour, I just knew I had to join in. I've never had an opportunity to sew any E+M or Petitboo patterns but what better occasion than a blog tour?!?

When I looked through the entire pattern list, I was definitely torn. They are all so cute! I've never sewn any slippers despite the different ones out there so I decided it was probably time to try some. My daughter has been wearing some store bought 6-12 month snoozies for the last few years. They are finally getting too small despite her turning 4 in April. Petitboo has a number of slippers patterns but I love the look of the Winter Boots - Kid Slippers Pattern so those are the ones I chose. Plus lets face it, living in Edmonton, the winter boot slippers will get way more wear than any other style.

The winter boot slipper pattern is a great scrap buster project. The Tsum Tsum fabric was a small remnant that I got through destash and I had just enough for the toes of the slippers. Paired with the pink dots and cuddle fabric inside they make for a fun and cozy pair of girly slippers. This pattern was easy to follow and relatively easy to sew. My only complaint (which was completely my own fault) is that I had forgotten how much I despise the cuddle fabric I used for the lining. It shed everywhere and made the project more difficult than it should have been. If only i'd had enough white fleece left!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Petitboo is actually a Canadian Company. I love shopping local whenever possible so I will need to add this company to my go to patterns. Go check them out for yourself!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Abby's Overalls - a new pattern from The Wolf and the Tree

A new pattern released today from The Wolf and the Tree. The Abby's Overalls is such a fun pattern. This pattern has so many options it was hard to decide which to make first. In the end, weather won out and I made the full pant option in a beautiful 4 way stretch french terry. 

When the pre-testing started for this pattern I insisted we must have a peplum option for girly girls. I knew my daughter would only wear these overalls if I could convince her they were basically a dress. Well Saskia went all out and added a peplum plus 3 different skirt lengths. The skirt is a full circle skirt with no seams and is it ever good for twirling!

I always love pattern testing for The Wolf and the Tree and I also always love how many options her patterns have. This is a definite must when factoring in the Canadian Dollar exchange rate for me. If a pattern only has one or two options, I likely won't buy it. This pattern has too many options to list so it is a definite winner!

I paired these overalls with a cotton/lycra version of the just keep swimming top. Since that top is very slim fitting it fits really nicely under these slip fitting overalls. All fabrics I used for this outfit are from Black Rabbit Fabrics

 Thanks for reading, now go get the pattern! It is on sale until Friday March 10th.

Oh, and stay tuned for a doll version releasing soon!

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