Friday, 10 March 2017

E + M = Petitboo

E+M=Petitboo This may seem like unconventional math but it is true! E+ M patterns has been rebranded/merged with Petitboo Patterns! When I saw the amazing group of bloggers signed up for this tour, I just knew I had to join in. I've never had an opportunity to sew any E+M or Petitboo patterns but what better occasion than a blog tour?!?

When I looked through the entire pattern list, I was definitely torn. They are all so cute! I've never sewn any slippers despite the different ones out there so I decided it was probably time to try some. My daughter has been wearing some store bought 6-12 month snoozies for the last few years. They are finally getting too small despite her turning 4 in April. Petitboo has a number of slippers patterns but I love the look of the Winter Boots - Kid Slippers Pattern so those are the ones I chose. Plus lets face it, living in Edmonton, the winter boot slippers will get way more wear than any other style.

The winter boot slipper pattern is a great scrap buster project. The Tsum Tsum fabric was a small remnant that I got through destash and I had just enough for the toes of the slippers. Paired with the pink dots and cuddle fabric inside they make for a fun and cozy pair of girly slippers. This pattern was easy to follow and relatively easy to sew. My only complaint (which was completely my own fault) is that I had forgotten how much I despise the cuddle fabric I used for the lining. It shed everywhere and made the project more difficult than it should have been. If only i'd had enough white fleece left!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Petitboo is actually a Canadian Company. I love shopping local whenever possible so I will need to add this company to my go to patterns. Go check them out for yourself!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Abby's Overalls - a new pattern from The Wolf and the Tree

A new pattern released today from The Wolf and the Tree. The Abby's Overalls is such a fun pattern. This pattern has so many options it was hard to decide which to make first. In the end, weather won out and I made the full pant option in a beautiful 4 way stretch french terry. 

When the pre-testing started for this pattern I insisted we must have a peplum option for girly girls. I knew my daughter would only wear these overalls if I could convince her they were basically a dress. Well Saskia went all out and added a peplum plus 3 different skirt lengths. The skirt is a full circle skirt with no seams and is it ever good for twirling!

I always love pattern testing for The Wolf and the Tree and I also always love how many options her patterns have. This is a definite must when factoring in the Canadian Dollar exchange rate for me. If a pattern only has one or two options, I likely won't buy it. This pattern has too many options to list so it is a definite winner!

I paired these overalls with a cotton/lycra version of the just keep swimming top. Since that top is very slim fitting it fits really nicely under these slip fitting overalls. All fabrics I used for this outfit are from Black Rabbit Fabrics

 Thanks for reading, now go get the pattern! It is on sale until Friday March 10th.

Oh, and stay tuned for a doll version releasing soon!

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Cheers! Michelle

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Waterfall & Metro Mashup

I am happy to join in on the last day of the Make it Mine Waterfall Blog Tour. I tested the Waterfall Raglan and made my first one out of Bamboo French Terry that I was able to source locally. You can read my blog post all about it here. I literally wear this top ALL THE TIME. It is one of the first tops I reach for following laundry day. It is perfect with skinny jeans and it is perfect with leggings because the back of the top covers my bum. I'm loving all the summery ones people have made and will have to follow suit once it is not -30.

When I heard there would be a Waterfall blog tour I just knew I needed to join. I had this idea to mashup the Waterfall Raglan from Chalk and Notch and the Metro Hoodie from Sew Straight and Gather. I was seriously excited to make this top. I think I successfully managed to combine 2 of my favourite women's patterns into one amazing top! My fabric is a slightly stiff but still stretchy french terry mystery fabric that I found locally at Fabricland. It was a steal at $2.50/meter on sale so basically my top cost me $5.

The theme for today is hacks, but really my top is a true pattern mashup. Very little hacking was needed to create this look. The only changes I needed to make to this pattern were: (1) to account for the back pleat by adding one inch to the back pattern piece. It was still cut on the fold as per instructions. (2) To ensure the cowl lined up nicely with the shoulder seams, I cut the pieces of the cowl as separates and sewed together rather than cutting on the fold as instructed. If you like the look of one piece of fabric for the cowl, you would just want to cut off approx 3/8 of an inch off the edge of the pattern along the fold line before cutting your fabric.

How to add for the back pleat
Finished back pleat with cowl
I hope you like my top. I will be wearing this weekly for the remainder of the winter and hopefully even into spring! Below you can see the comparison with the cowl folded over or straight up.

Since this is a blog tour, there is a prize giveaway! This is an incredible lineup of patterns up for grabs that accompany the Waterfall nicely. Enter the Rafflecopter Here!

There is also a link up with more prizes to be won! Find all the details here.

And check out my other day 3 tour buddies:

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Some Waterfall Love

I have a favourite new pattern. This is the Waterfall Raglan from Chalk and Notch and it is seriously one of the most flattering tops I've ever made. I think I've worn it every week since I made it and it's even leggings appropriate since it covers my entire bum!

I chose to use a gorgeous charcoal bamboo french terry for this top that I've been saving for something special. I love the soft buttery feel of bamboo french terry for winter tops and trust me, it's officially Winter here in Alberta. As I write this today we are sitting in +3 (celcius) temperatures, but the day I took my indoor photos it was -30 with the windchill. Part of the reason that I wanted to make a solid top was to pair it with some of my fun print leggings. It also pairs really nice with skinny jeans and boots.

The pattern was released on Monday through UpCraft Club for a 48 hour exclusive and releases today through the Chalk and Notch site and on Etsy.

The Waterfall Raglan is the first ladies pattern for Chalk and Notch and it does not disappoint! My 3 year old loved it so much, I had to buy the girls pattern and make her a matching one. I used the same bamboo french terry for the body but used a bright print on the sleeves and neckband using a strikeoff from Black Rabbit Fabrics. Lucky for you there is a pattern bundle of the Ladies and Girls Waterfall Raglan so you to can make some matching outfits!

Now that Gabriela has ventured into Ladies patterns, maybe she'll think about doing a Ladies version of the Fishtail Kimono!


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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Wardrobe Sewing for La Corolle Baby

When I heard about this doll clothes blog tour I just had to sign up. My hubby and I bought this cute little doll for our daughter's birthday months ago. I had all these grand ideas of all the clothing and accessories I would sew for her to gift along with the doll. Well, the birthday came and went and the ideas stayed ideas. Fast forward to fall and what do you get?!? Christmas Sewing! That's right, this poor doll who has had a very small wardrobe up until this point will be getting a beefed up wardrobe come December 25th. Doll clothes are the PERFECT stocking stuffer for an imaginative preschooler like mine.

I decided to make her a simple outfit using 2 free patterns I found online on a blog called Arts and Crafts for your Bitty Baby Doll. If you're into making doll clothes there are a number of free patterns to try using this website. The first I used is a sleeper for the bitty baby 15 inch doll. My daughter has the 14 inch Mon Bebe Classique by La Corolle. With only one inch size difference I figured any pattern meant for the Bitty Baby Dolls by American Girl would have a close enough fit. The second free pattern I used is the Bitty Baby + Twin Hat pattern.

The instructions for the sleeper and hat were basic but definitely detailed enough if you have a general understanding of sewing knit garments. I love finding free patterns that work out well too! Unfortunately it looks like that last post is from 2014, so I may have to draft some of my own patterns using hers as a guide. (we'll see if I actually have the skills for that or if they just turn into a big flop!)

Overall I'm pretty happy with how this little outfit turned out and I look forward to putting more of my scrap pieces of cotton/lycra to good use sewing up more stocking stuffers and finally building this little baby doll's wardrobe. (by the way this fabric is one i've made stretch a LOOOONG way. It's the tri-rainbow from Black Rabbit Fabrics and this second run is in stock until it sells out.)

Cheers! Michelle

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Interview with Wendy from Custom Bras

It's time to curl up in your new comfy lingerie, make yourself a warm drink, and read on to learn more about this whole new and seemingly underground movement of custom bra making. The industry of custom bra making and custom bra sewing is a entirely new to me. I honestly hadn’t even looked into it and didn’t realize how big of an industry it was (even in Canada) until I joined in with this lovely group of ladies for the Canada Cups Blog Tour. I think it is quite fitting that Beverly introduced everyone on the tour as it seems that (almost) everyone who is anyone in the Canadian Bra Making Industry has learned what they know from her. It seems, the term “Fairy Bra-Mother” is quite fitting. Wendy from is no exception to this rule. Read below to learn more about and what types of services and products she offers.

1.      Tell me a little bit about yourself and your sewing background/experience - I immigrated from Britain 13 years ago.  I have always sewn from a very young child where I would make my dolls dresses, then as I got older I made clothes for myself and then my husband; then as I had my 3 children I made their clothes too. I was taught "formal" sewing at high school.

2.      What got you interested in bra making?  I attended a creative show and met Beverley Johnson.  I was very interested in making my own underwear, especially as a big woman I would always get home and rip my bra off ASAP.  My daughter also found finding a nice young sexy bra almost impossible as no-one could get her size right and nothing fitted her comfortably.  So my daughter and myself went along to a mother and daughter sewing weekend and we made bras that fit.  I was totally hooked!

3.      When did you open your store? Why did you open it?  I opened my store after I  completed the professional bra fitting course with Beverly Johnson.  I opened it so that I could offer women or men all they need for making underwear.  It all started with bras, but I realized that my own 2 sons found it difficult to get comfortable underwear (with them being very tall and thin) that fit them without being too small.  So I began stocking stretch jersey and stretch cotton as well as a range of elastic to use on the underwear.  Then my search began to find underwear patterns (these were few on the ground) and finding a range of patterns I now had everything for men's underwear.  I held workshops at the Toronto creative festival for making men's underwear, we were sold out.

4.      What types of products/services does your store offer?  I have everything you need for any type of underwear for women, men and children.  I offer a very wide range of stretch lace in a wide variety of colours that are sourced from around the world.  I offer workshops in bras, underwear, swim wear and we are now developing baby underwear.

5.      What is your target market for your shop?  Women and men who are finding it difficult to find comfortable underwear.

6.      Are you only online? Do you also have a storefront? Where are you located?  We are an on line store, but we are hoping to have a store front soon.  We are located in Cambridge.  Our online address is

7.      What drew you to the custom bra business?  The more that you make bras you tend to look at women in general and how their posture is and how a good bra would benefit them.  I also make custom bras for customers, and I am always so pleased when they are ecstatic that when they put on their custom bra that they can't feel it!! and that it doesn't hurt them.  I've had many ladies crying to have found a bra that actually fits. 

8.      What trends have you seen since you started making bras?  The styles of bras seem to change every year and finally the styles are becoming more realistic to womens shapes and needs.  We seem to be moving from a 1940-50's look with high wasted underwear and long line bras to much more "soft" look (with very little support for the bigger lady). 

9.      What are the biggest differences between custom and RTW?  Custom can be in any size and fit you perfectly and you can make the components fit to your needs.  RTW has a very limited range of sizes, colours and shapes.  Also RTW is designed to only be wearable for 18 months! Custom (when washed correctly) can last for years.

10.  How do we find you on social media?  Custom bras is on facebook.

Are you one of those people who has difficulty fitting into ready to wear clothing?  Are you one of those people who feel the need to rip off your bra as soon as you get home? Now is the time to start sewing your own unmentionables! Check out or one of the other retailers interviewed during the tour and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

As always, check out more photos of my projects on instagram. I will be back with a quick wrap up post on _____


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